Heartbeat by Heartbeat

Role: Director + Editor

Teaser for “Heartbeat by Heartbeat”: Truth and Courage – Demond Rodgers, Sr. shares his story to help others understand the roots often beneath the spread of HIV, in his authentic quest to inspire others and above all, to survive and thrive with hope. In one of the richest cities in the world – one that nonetheless runs people to the ground with inadequate housing and services – Demond often lives on the edge of homelessness, as he seeks permanent housing.

Director/Editor: Emmanuelle Antolin.
Cinematography: Alexander DuPrel.
Additional Camera: Emmanuelle Antolin.
Produced by: Jôrg Fockele and Marc Smolowitz.
Music by: Four Tet / Alabaster / Ryan Little.
Colorist: Sean Wells.
Post Production Sound: Disher Music & Sound.

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